Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scratch 'N Sniff Card Enhances TV Show

BBC in the United Kingdom has partnered with The Aroma Co. to distribute scratch 'n sniff cards to go with their new television show, Filthy Cities. The show will show viewers what it was like in European cities of the past before widespread sanitation.

Residents and visitors to these cities hundreds of years ago had to deal with rotting corpses, bedpans, sewage and a variety of other unpleasant smells. These smells can now come to life to modern viewers thanks to the scratch 'n sniff cards that BBC and the Aroma Co. will be distributing throughout local UK libraries. The cards will be available April 1st.

Billed as "smellovision" this is the first time that smell will be available to the small screen in this low-tech format. BBC is betting that the cards will spark interest in the program and that viewers will be willing to subject themselves to the noxious odors from the past.


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